Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Away

About a month ago, Jon and I took a trip to New England to celebrate my 30th birthday and I realize I never shared any of the pictures with you! I thought I'd take a little detour out of Jackland and give you a glimpse into "when mommy and daddy are away" land. Sure, you come here to read about all things preemie, but preemie parents are so not one-dimensional. We have hopes, dreams, and goals outside of our parenting. Getting away is always, always good for the soul.

Where was Jack during this week? Oh with his two favorite people ever. Grams and Gramps. Boy was having just as good of a time as us! And who kept the blog going while I was away? Why my amazingly awesome guest bloggers, that's who!

Anyway, on to pictures.

I instagrammed a lot of our journey. P.S. don't let the look of "calm" in this picture below fool you. I hate, hate, hate flying. This is me pretending.

I also lugged along my massive camera. We started our journey in New Hampshire. We were total tourists or "leaf peepers" as they call the thousands of people who descend on their state during a two week period every October when the leaves are insanely gorgeous.

I am a lover of all things Fall. I made sure to get as many leaf or leaves related pictures as possible.

my favorite red leaf

I always love people who offer to take our picture together.

The planner extraordinaire mapped out each day of our vacation. He is good at that. He is also good at restaurant picking.

On our drive to Maine. The hills were dotted yellow, orange, and red.

I will always remember this drive

Maine! Jon always dreamed of going to Maine. It was exactly as how we imagined it would be.

Besides eating lobster, one of my favorite activities?

And just walking around, soaking up the scenery.

Then my very favorite. The beach. I absolutely love a moody, cold beach. Gorgeous.

And then, as if we needed anything more gorgeous.


New England 2012.

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Jackie said...

Jessi, GORGEOUS pictures. Looking forward to the day my John and I can get away!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi
I've followed your blog since shortly after I delivered my 23 weeker...but I've never left a comment until now! First, thank you for blogging. When my daughter was born, the doctors didn't offer us a lot of hope. But your blog sure did and I can't even tell you how much it helped me! Anyway, the reason for FINALLY commenting is that I'm from Maine! Loved seeing your pictures and of course I think it's pretty cool that you came to visit our great state. Looking forward to following along with the many adventures of sweet Jack!

Jessi said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for introducing yourself! I absolutely LOVED Maine. What a gorgeous state you live in! And thank you for the kind words. Hearing from you made my morning!

Tatum said...

Do you know what I love about your photography, Jessi? Your warm personality comes through every image. The mark of a true artist that you can reflect your own personality on an image taken with a machine. I know we don't know each other IRL, but it's clear your warmth is don't lie.