Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When Uncle Comes to Visit

I now introduce you to my new most favorite picture of all time. Yeah, I know. I probably have a new favorite each month. But there is something so precious and special about this one of Jack and his Grams. 

 This weekend my family came to visit. My brother, who lives in China, only makes it to the states a couple times a year. One of Jack's favorite things it to wait at our living room window to see who is coming.

he also likes to test mama with how loud and how much pulling on the blinds he can get away with. 

Who is coming, Jackpants? 

It was great to have my brother and parents over, but we sure missed Auntie Kay. We tried to stay in contact with pictures and texts. Good thing we have that.

 Cute boy wearing his cute shirt from Auntie Kay.

And then there were these.

Whenever my brother is home, we (meaning Jon) cook up some American favorites. One word: RIBS. And coleslaw. And potato wedges. And birthday cake. It wasn't anyone's birthday. We just like those Costco cakes and it seemed appropriate to celebrate us all being together.

Jack was content with his Cheetos, though.

To walk off all those amazing calories, we got Jackpants bundled up. He loves loves loves walks around our neighborhood.


Oh yeah. I was there, too.

And Jack. He loves to help the guys in all our home improvement projects. This is when he was playing plumber.

I love these pictures of our little family. Such great memories are being made.
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Anonymous said...

I just love this post. There's something about a special child w/his or her grandparents. A secure, safe sanctum that you know but you are so grateful that your child will feel thier love also. True unconditional love..thx for sharing, made me smile :)
Jessica Kunkle

Emily Real said...

Agreed, Jack and Grams pictures are heart-melting. The pic I love from this post, however, is you looking so excited between brother and mom on the couch. You look so young and alive...like the good ole high school days. :)

Samantha said...

Delightful weekend! And I think it was a perfect reason to celebrate with a cake! <3 Love all the pictures, as always!