Thursday, October 18, 2012

three years later

We got home from vacation late last night. I have mountains of laundry and suitcases to go through, but we are taking things easy this morning. Therapy got canceled (yay! needed a day at home!) and Jack and I are just enjoying our morning together.

I'd like to start off with thanking Jackie and Tatum for putting together such great blog posts for when I was away from my computer. I have another one coming up next week (stay tuned), but to both of these amazing preemie moms, for writing from the heart and for letting me share it with all of you - thank you!

And of course to my parents, Grams and Cheeks, for taking such good care of Jackpants. Thank you for letting him swing, go on walks, and rule the roost at your home over the past week. I'm sure you ended up watching a whole bunch of Elmo and didn't get much done during the day other than follow Jack around and keep him entertained. And I know he had such a good time. I am so grateful that we can leave him in such caring hands!

Even though I love travel and spending time away with just my man, I always have this little place, this little feeling in my gut because Jack is not with us. So, as all parents do, we spent a lot of time talking about Jack while we were away from him. Wondering what he was doing, his crazy antics, his sweet gestures. His overall indescribable adorableness. Basically all those things that make our heart melt.

I was missing my boy a whole lot and while trying to remember just how awesome it feels to hold him and give him kisses, I had a flashback to one of my most treasured photographs that I hadn't looked at in awhile. As soon as I woke up this morning, I had to go and find it.


Here we are, reading together.  I would spend hours and hours reading or watching TV while Jack relaxed or slept right there on my chest. I could feel his little heart's every beat and every breath that he took. Any preemie parent will tell you that you get hyper aware of such things... probably because of A's and B's.

If there was ever a reason to snap a picture of even the littlest thing, it's this right here. And moms, get in those shots instead of always being behind the camera. You won't regret it three years later.

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Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

Love this! Doesn't it seem like decades since you wrestled with an o2 take and cord? I can't believe how fast I put that out of my memory!