Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loving It

I am so happy to say that Jack is loving school. After the initial rocky first week, it seems we've fallen into our new routine quite nicely. Jack confidently walks right into his classroom and joins his classmates. I leave him feeling great, ready to tackle whatever I've scheduled for the two hours he is in class. And I get so, so excited to pick him up. The reports from his teachers are constructive and helpful. They tell me about what he worked on, anything they noticed, and anything to look out for. I am hearing that Jack is attempting lots of new things and he is engaged and becoming more social and aware of his surroundings by the day.

Oh this makes my heart so happy to hear!

I was very nervous about school. The day we dropped him off for the first time was so unsettling. These growing pains are never easy, but I'm feeling we are over that initial hump and can look forward to all the amazing things Jack can and will accomplish. He is so resilient. I often forget what a fighter he is and that he can adapt easily to new things, no matter how hard they are for him. Very proud of my boy today.

 I love Jack's teacher who sends me pictures of the cutie pie in action. Also of note is the almost one on one student to adult ratio. Nice!

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Emily Real said...

So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This calls for lots of exclamation marks. I hope Jon forgives me. :) )

Sarah Bolynn said...

After reading your entire blog, I'm do glad to see that's he's adjusted well! And you too!

Allison said...

That's wonderful for both mommy and son! What a blessing.

Jackie said...

Excellent news!

Samantha said...

Look at him! I'm so proud of how well he's adapting to this new chapter in his life! But like you said, he's so resilient! I'm glad that you are able to enjoy your time while he's there too! xo

Brandi Powell said...

Yay! So happy!