Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who Cares?!

This morning I got up with Jack at the ungodly hour of 6am. (two side notes: 1) some may think that 6am is actually the best time of the day... hint, hint, my father. And 2), Jon usually gets up with Jack and lets me sleep another hour-ish. Yes, I know. My husband rocks). Up we were. I made myself a yummy caffeinated beverage and got to work, tying up a few loose ends with my photography business. Jack wanted to watch a show. Shocking, right? I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Jack would watch movies all day if we'd let him. Maybe all kids are like this, I don't know.

As has been on my mind this past month, it immediately dawned on me that these lazy mornings are soon coming to a close. Jack starts preschool in less than a week. LESS THAN A WEEK. On his days off, he has therapy. He will be a busy-five-days-a-week kind of kid. And I've come to a conclusion:

I am so, so excited.

I am excited for him. I am excited for me. Yes, it is only six hours apart, but it will be so good for both of us. I have all sorts of plans for my time and I am anxious to see my boy grow up a bit by spending time around his peers and learning those important social cues of childhood. I am hoping he makes leaps and bounds with his communication.

I'm thinking a schedule like this will be so good for us.

People have really strong feelings about preschool. If it's a good thing. If it's a bad thing. If it's a must or if you should just let a toddler be a toddler. It becomes one of those competition things in motherhood that I hate. Now that people realize Jack is in his own special category (AKA "not typically developing"), I get shielded from a lot of this motherhood/competition/pressure thing. But I see it and I see friends go through it. And sometimes, I just want to yell out "Who cares?!" Are we really going to debate something as insignificant as this? My own personal conclusion is that I don't care if you send your kid to preschool or not. Both options are fine. I put it into the category of just picking what is best for your kid, for your life. There are more important things that I will get my panties in a bunch about.

Remember this amazing post about Mommy Lessons? If you are feeling that ache of mommy competition. Read this!

In conclusion (how I ended every high school essay I ever wrote), I am planning to enjoy these last days of lazy mornings. Then preschool, he we come!
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Michelle said...

My two are starting pre-school next week too. I'm excited, sad, scared, and elated all at the same time! I need some time to get work done and laundry and bills and perhaps even some "me" time. I love your line "Who cares?!" about the mommy competition thing. It drives me so crazy!

Angie said...

very excited for you and Jack, and yes, lazy ams will be long gone but it gives you something to look fwd to on breaks! And my soon to be 6 year old would watch tv alllll day if we let her as well!