Tuesday, September 18, 2012

time to get to work

I always get this rush of energy when the seasons change. Fall is my absolute most favorite. I have dreams of sitting in coffee shops, text book in hand, scarf around my neck, watching the color-rich leaves fall. This love of all things fall started young. I think it's because I genuinely enjoyed school growing up and my birthday is in September. Those two things put me on a high for months! It's an overall energy that I still feel every single fall. It spurs me on.  It makes me want to be productive. To create. To try new things. To go after my dreams.

This goes for taking care of Jack, too. My dreams for my son.

This year I am keenly aware of just how lazy we were this summer. Feeding therapy? Yeah that barely happened. I know I am supposed to be letting him play and get messy in food. To put lots of different things on his plate. To let him explore. But I just haven't been doing it. I blame summer laziness. And I feel guilty. Oh the preemie mama guilt. I am sure feeling it.

I can see places in every area of Jack's therapy (physical, occupational, speech, and feeding) where we've been lazy. I know we have a narrow window to help shape Jack, to help his brain create new pathways around the damage caused by his bleeds. I know that repetition is key for him. And it just hasn't been happening.

Ugh. Sorry buddy.

Summer is wonderful. Full of lazy days. Going to the park. Laying in the grass. Travel. Those are all good things. Good for the soul. But, there is a time to get to work.
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Heather L said...

You're not the only preemie mama who gets a little lazy in the summer :) There is a lot to be said for natural therapy...living a "typical" life. But we all know that there is also a time to get back to work, like you said!

mouse said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up, Jessi. Having "lazy" days is also so important, and by being relaxed that will also help Jack as it takes pressure off. Happy fall!

Tatum said...

Straight mom to mom, I say, Jack will never begrudge you for giving him memories of fun lazy summer days to savor.

Preemie mom to preemie mom, I'll say that I just got this "lecture" from the OT working with Owen's therapy when I said, "uhm, forever" to her question on how long he's going to need PT. She said, "after lots of research, we've found that children who have starts and stops in their therapies perform at parity with children who have continuous therapy. It's our standard of practice to allow children breaks in their therapies so their brains can catch up with all they learn". That might be a different opinion from what Jack's team says, but it's opinion that supports your summer off, so I thought you'd enjoy it.

Jessi said...

Oh Tatum, thank you. That actually makes me feel a lot better!