Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the dreaded phone

I'll admit it. I hate the phone. I have never been one to chat on the phone for hours. I would much rather be in person, over a cup of coffee, then talk through a hollow line. Of course there are situations where the only option is to talk on the phone and there are quite a few people that I talk with frequently using this medium (mom, husband, friends). And I always love to hear their voice.

No, it's not so much chatting with family and friends that I hate. It's the doctors, dentists and the like that I just cringe about. Trying to coordinate these services is totally and utterly exhausting. I debate exactly what I am going to say when I call. How much is too much info? Is this precise enough? What information am I leaving out? Are they even listening? Is this too busy of a time to call?

Making cold calls is the worst, I tell ya.

Today I am trying to set up a teeth cleaning for when Jack goes under anesthesia. Poor guy needs those puppies cleaned spick and span. You know the whole preemie teeth/oral aversion kid visiting the dentist? Not fun at all. So this cleaning needs to be under anesthesia and since Jack is getting some Botox, we thought might as well try to coordinate! This will be taking place in another town. Another town means a different dentist and a new set of people to call. Ugh. Anyone with me?

So now that I have sufficiently wasted a bit of my time by blogging, I will go back to the phone calls.
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Blalock said...

I dislike phone calls and I hate cold calls. I'll put stuff off for months, or wait until the absolute last minute. This of course, usually means that I'm scrambling and the person on the other end is scrambling too. Even less fun are cold calls in another language...I feel your pain.