Thursday, September 20, 2012

just some cuteness

Feels like it's been a bit since I've posted pictures of Jackpants. I have been so busy photographing other kids and families that I haven't been taking the camera out as much for my own little fam. That needs to change. There is no one I love photographing more than Jack. 

Grams has been here and Jack has been getting lots of extra attention with reading, walks, and cuddles.

Boy is in heaven.

Love you, buddy.
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Emily Real said...

Ah! I love all three, but the one of him playing with Gram's hair? Kills me! Also, Gram's adoring gaze at your beautiful boy...yep, this was a good update. :)

Samantha Lindsay said...

Sweet pictures!!

Jessi said...

Yeah Jack loves to play with your hair. It's the sweetest.

Jeannine Gates said...

Thanks for expressing all these feelings and moments do simply and honestly. I love your story.

Julie said...

That last one just slays me. Beautiful gramma and beautiful boy.