Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Season

I spent the weekend thinking about this blog. About what it has meant in my life. About where I want it to go. I've been struggling with how to balance this new season and keep this blog as relevant as ever. Although I feel like I am entering a new stage (juggling being Jack's mom, a new career, Jack in preschool, Jack in therapy, personal pursuits), I do know that this blog is so very special to me. And I want to keep writing, keep telling you about our boy and advocating for this precious preemie community.

After some thought, I've decided that I will not be as strict with my blogging schedule. That means there will be some weeks where I don't post Monday through Friday, five days a week. On the weeks where I am swamped with work, I won't sweat taking a few days to focus and have the blog be silent. Other weeks, I will be less busy and will post much more. Basically, I will only write when it is meaningful and when I have time. I will continue to collaborate with guest bloggers and try to pass on meaningful information to my readers. 

I will keep on pinning. I will keep up our Facebook and Twitter pages. Oh and don't forget Instragram (username: jessibennion)!

I will continue to post ridiculously cute pictures of Jack.


And hopefully, you will continue reading and commenting.

I sure do appreciate you. 

Here we go! 
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Mom Can I? said...

Good for you - sometimes, something has got to give!

Christi said...

Ridiculously cute photo indeed! There's something about bath and after bath photos that are just precious!

Kasey said...

Happy for you all! XO