Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was so much fun. I got to celebrate my 30th birthday (which is actually coming up in September... I have two weeks, people!), with an amazing group of friends.

Because of the party, my parents were in town.

Oh Jack loved every minute of it!

So did our beautiful Daisy Sue. She is such a sweet dog, but gets a little excited when we have visitors.

Daisy is not Jack's favorite these days. Jack would rather not have her tail swinging in his face and her getting into his things. I am still hoping they become long lost friends.

Jack's too busy these days, though. He's got places to go! (like here in this picture, on the way to the kitchen, to play in the cupboards and create messes).

Oh big news, friends. Change is coming. I think there may be something that will soon surpass Jack's love for swinging. You heard me. I thought the day would never happen!

But I'm pretty sure Jack likes going on walks now, more than anything else.

How could you not love it, living in this beauty?

Anytime Cheeks is here, is the best in Jack's book. As you can see in this picture, Jack is working very hard on being able to go up and down steps and stairs. We do that a whole lot these days. Up and down. Up and down.

All the excitement from the weekend left us a bit tired.

But we loved every minute of it.
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Samantha said...

So much fun!! And you live in an absolutely beautiful place!!