Wednesday, August 1, 2012

making the most of it

When we finally came to the realization that yes, we would be living in a different city during Jack's four months in the NICU, we decided to try and make the most of it. You know, make lemonade out of the very worst lemons. For us, that meant coming up with a list of restaurants that we would visit while living in this different town. Self-confessed foodies, we picked breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots that we had always wanted to try. Once I got my appetite back (it took about a month), we would hit up one or two spots a week. We had to eat, right? And truthfully, it was something that Jon and I could do together, that kinda sorta resembled real life.

We have carried that same mentality with most of Jack's medical visits and medical travel. The thought is that heck, might as well have some fun while doing something that is decidedly, not fun. When we spent two weeks in Seattle for Jack's tube weaning clinic last summer, I felt like we were on vacation. Yes, we were in four therapy visits a day but... the evenings were free! We filled them in with sight-seeing, shopping, and restaurant going.

It's an attitude that we make the most of it. Whatever situation we may be in, we try and fill our free time with fun, relaxing, family togetherness.

This weekend, while we were in another town waiting for an important appointment, we made sure to do one of our most favorite summer things: the farmer's market.

local Hutterite girl selling produce

cute gramps playing his harmonica. can you spot who is in the background?

thanks to the nice lady who asked us if we wanted a family pic!

We know that for Jack, many of his "vacations" and travel will be spent around medical visits. We will continue to make the most of it!
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Samantha lindsay said...

Love the positive attitude of making the best of the time!

Mom Can I? said...

All about how you look at things! Good attitudes and outlooks can do wonders for less than ideal situations!!! The farmers market looks amazing!!!