Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Lately, Instagrammed

It's been an Elmo kind of month

And a friends giving us their garden produce kind of month. We love our friends! 

this fried rice is made with zucchini, onions, and carrots - all from the garden! Yay summertime.

love where we live

We went to Missoula because Jack had a photoshoot by Nici of Dig this Chick! I will let you all see the finished product as soon as the article is published!

of course, when in Missoula, we have to hit up all our favorites!  

going to our last farmers market of the season :( 

and you haven't lived until you've eaten at El Cazador

back home, Jack did a little naked Olympics watching


last week it got so cold that I busted out a hoodie. Ahh...


also yum



special delivery! decorations from mom-in-law arriving for my 30th (eek!) birthday party 

and Jon getting our backyard nice and pretty for the party

oh and this happened

and also this

so handsome! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

*you can find me on instagram under jessibennion.
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Emily Real said...

Your little Dapper Dan--love it. :)

Gabriela Rodli said...

I love his hair-cut, so sharp ;) Does Jack realize he is a celebrity??

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have ready your blog from time to time and seen the cutness of your sweet jack. 1st I like to say HE IS THE MOST PERFECT LITTLE BOY I HAVE EVER SEEN. You know kids are so resilient they do thing every day that amazes us.with you as his Mom and God and your side, I would not doubt it how well jack will do in life.
P.S I too have a 24 weeker now 6 years old and he is soo amazing(God its good!~ he does work in mysterious way in our life esp. with our little preemie miracles that he gave us.Do not ever loose hope! God bless! naomi and miracle Isaac Noah!~

Jessi said...

Oh Naomi! Thanks for the super sweet comment. Made my day!!