Monday, August 13, 2012


This past weekend away at my parent's house? Peaceful, quiet, slow-paced. Just what we needed.

I was reminded of the old adage that having Jack taught me. The thing that I really held close the first couple of years after his birth - don't sweat the small stuff. It's such a freeing thing to be able to look at a situation, ask "is this really that important? To our family, to our life?" If the answer is no, then let it go.

That is my motto and I'm glad I was reminded of it, yet again, this weekend.

This boy teaches me so much about life.

He loves being at Grams and Cheeks house. He knows where everything is (all his favorite toys) and spends quite a bit of time going from room to room, checking everything out.

We have yet to give Jack a haircut. Just an at-home bang trim a couple weeks ago. I am just loving his longer locks. The way they curl around the his ears and nap of his neck. Love.

And there is always this.

Hours and hours were spent outside this weekend.

Cheeks is a treasure hunter and always finds amazing things in thrift stores or in friends' old storage piles. He refurbished this 100 year old record player, got some records from the 1900's and we had a proper listening sesh.

I felt like we were in a silent movie, ya'll!

Oh yeah. Jon was there. But he was really, really busy. I got some shots when he wasn't looking (love those!) of him working away.

Here on the phone one morning.

And then burning the midnight oil.

My goal for the weekend? Just relax. Right there on the patio. Breath in my favorite town's air. Take in the green scenery. Watch my boy.


P.S. Twinsies!

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Anonymous said...

Am a regular reader..... Love your blog!! I am sorry I don't comment (I do way too much reading of blogs) but I just HAD to say that I LOVE that pic of Jack and your dad (the last one). So precious!!


Jessi said...

Oh Anna! Thanks for commenting and letting me know that you enjoy reading the blog! Made my day to hear from you!

Shannon said...

What an amazing weekend and that last photo is absolutely priceless!!