Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 Totally Random Things

It's Wednesday. I am tired. This is about as good as it will get for a blog post. Good thing I'm a sucker for some random tidbits!

10 Totally Random Things:

1) I really love dry shampoo. Thank you and amen.
2) I could eat junior mints for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I believe I did that yesterday.
3) Jon is insanely busy this week. He is part of some intense negotiations for one of his jobs. These negotiations are televised. I tried watching. That lasted about an hour. Then I promptly turned on Elmo. You know it's bad when Elmo is your preferred viewing choice.
4) I finally moved my photography editing to my new computer (what? it only took me 8 months) and my eyes are already thanking me. No more headaches from squinting at the tiny laptop screen!
5) I was going to do a total office remodel, but yeah, who am I even kidding? I have yet to paint the walls in our home (one of my first goals when we bought this place). I think this is our 6th year of living here.
6) I just realized that I have the TV on some channel of some sort of awesomely bad soap opera.
7) My mom has been here for the past 3 days. Thank you, Jesus.
8) Jack starts school in, oh, about THREE WEEKS.
9) Jack's hair is quite the thing to behold. Too bad you couldn't all see this in person.
10) Planning my 30th birthday party is quickly approaching the likes of planning a wedding. Apparently there is a massive box full of decorations that came in the mail just waiting for me to pick up. Heck yes we are decorating and have a theme! Don't give me that look! I will rock 30.

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Marianne said...

What kind of dry shampoo do you use??

Good luck in school Jack! You are gonna charm them all!

Emily Real said...

School in 3 weeks, wow! And you are totally gonna rock 30. Are there 30th birthdays without decorations and themes? What a sad, sad thing...

Jessi said...

I just use cheapo Dove brand. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but I just love to be able to put my hair up in a bun and take the grease out!

Emily - thank goodness we see eye to eye on parties.

Rachel Beer said...

I plan to rock my 30th birthday when it arrives in a year in a half.

Samantha said...

Loved the random tidbits! School-- so so exciting in many ways I am sure! And you completely deserve an absolutely amazing 30th!!