Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Randoms

So, so, so many things on the mind today. What better than some random tidbits?

1) We are home and Jack is feeling so much better. It helps to sleep 14 hours straight, which Jack did last night. Too bad I couldn't join in on the amazingness. I had one of those too-hot, brain going too quick, nights. Ugh. I've noticed that for me, sleep it probably the most important thing I can do for myself. Thank God for caffeine.

In fact, 2) I am addicted to caffeine. There, I said it. There was a time in college where I gave up caffeine and I felt wonderful. Also during this same time period I gave up sugar. Also felt totally and completely wonderful. Hmm...

3) Speaking of sleep. Jack has decided in recent weeks that he no longer needs to nap. And oh the horror. Come dinner time and we are met with the most crabbypants Jack around. The other day he fell asleep mid-dinner-bite. Well done, Jack. Well done.

4) Grams and Cheeks are headed here for the weekend! This means the following will occur: lots of swinging and park-going for Jack, date nights for mommy and daddy, and one happy little boy.

5) I just realized that summer is halfway over, darn it! And seriously, panic attack. There is still so much fun to be had! I know I put way too much pressure on myself with summer to-do lists and pressure to have chock-full-of-fun days, but I can't help myself. When you live in the frozen north tundra of the United States, you have to make sure that good weather is taken advantage of.

6) A full blown therapy update is coming soon. I realize I haven't let you all know how Jack's eating issues are going these days. There was a time when that is pretty much all I blogged about. It just consumed us that much. I feel like (finally) I've come to a good place where I am just letting Jack be Jack. He will eat when he wants to eat. Deep exhale.

7) On a personal note, I am quickly approaching the big 3-0. Another panic attack happening NOW.

8) I just looked over at Jack and I swear he grew 5 inches in the past hour. Boy is a growing machine!

9) Just some food for thought, I found this article to be very interesting. Basically, it's about a study just released regarding pain in premature infants. For many years, it was commonly held that premature infants could not feel pain and procedures were done accordingly, without pain relief. Of course, any parent of a micro preemie will tell you that, yes, their child experienced pain while in the NICU. In fact, I've written before about actually seeing Jack writhe in pain from various procedures during week 23-25 of his life. These types of studies are very important for NICU care and for the broader, political questions of the day. It's just interesting to note that more and more studies are showing that premature infants, in fact, do experience pain.

10) I need a computer screen break. Seriously. Ever since I started my photography business, I find myself staring at my computer screen for longer and longer periods of time. Editing, editing, and more editing. Although I absolutely love my job, making some extra income, and doing something creative (that I'm passionate about!), I feel like I need to take extra care that breaks happen.

So... break begins... now.
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Julie said...

YAY for random tidbits! I am so glad Jack is feeling better, I agree with you on caffeine, don't worry about 3-0, it's awesome and ... I miss you in person but I'm glad for the computer connection. :)

Anonymous said...

Having a micro-preemie at 29 was crazy...but as I watch him grow into the little boy he is becoming, 30 has been better than 29!