Monday, July 9, 2012

Race Weekend

Jackpants and I headed over to Grams and Cheeks house this past weekend. Grams is amazing because she walks with friends in a half marathon every summer. We just had to be there to cheer her on! Daddy stayed home, though, because a whole bunch of home improvement projects needed to get done and God bless him, he decided to make a weekend out of it. 

I felt really bad. Really. Jon spent hours and hours and hours scraping our deck to be able to repaint it. And it was 100 degrees out. On top of that, he managed to get lots of other things done around here AND he cleaned the whole house. You heard me right. I returned home to a fully cleaned house. I don't think I brag enough on here about Jon, but he is the epitome of best husband ever. Not just because he cleaned, but because he works really hard and many times, it doesn't get enough recognition. I love my man. 

I, on the other hand, spent a good portion of my weekend hanging out on my parent's nicely shaded patio. Jack swinging, swinging, swinging away. 

I showed him his special bench on the patio. Just perfect for his size!

Verdict? I think he liked it!

This beautiful boy had such a good time. Who wouldn't love being able to watch all the Elmo you've ever wanted and go out and swing to your heart's content?

sun drenched Summer

I now break our regularly scheduled post because I have to include some pics, just for my personal benefit. I show the following photos only because 1) this is my blog and 2) who doesn't love images of amazing baked goods?

best bakery (and that says a lot in a town full of amazing bakeries)

seriously this is just wrong... but so good.

my favorite - cannoli! 

Moving on.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early (and I mean early) to catch the marathon. Jack was a trooper, being woken up and everything. I think it's because he had Cheeks there to entertain him and hold his hand.

The early morning sun is the brightest and purest light of the day. I love the shadows it created.

Jack getting a friendly wave from a runner 

quite possibly my new favorite photo of all time

And the moment we were waiting for! Here comes Grams with her walking buddies. They were having the best time ever!

After we saw them come by, we went downtown to the finish line. Jack decided it would be lots of fun to crawl around on the street pavement. He was happily dirty from head to toe.

Anyone remember this photo from last year?

Grams picked up Jack and walked him across the finish line. It was such an incredible sight because JACK WALKED.

Well, this year, the most incredible and inspiring thing took place. A little guy, to the loudest cheer of the crowd, sped along in his gait trainer through the finish. There wasn't a dry eye around. It was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen and the highlight of the race.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.
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Emily Real said...

Beautiful post, full of excitement. I love your new fave photo as well, but my new fave is you in podunk, MT, outside of the gem shop (I think...the glass windows say "Mineral")--so serene and beautiful!