Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quite the Week

This has been such an interesting, odd, enlightening, and fun week on the blog. I don't believe we've ever had a week with as many readers stopping by. Hi new readers! Welcome! Stick around awhile and get to know our cutie pie, Jack. He's pretty amazing.

I've gone to our Facebook page this week, twice, to ask for advice. You never fail. You leave the most encouraging, helpful, and wisdom-filled messages. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I'm in love with you guys. Our community. You're the best!

Special thanks for this gem left on our FB wall, that almost made me snort out my drink:

Beyond the Walmart Lady incident, I needed a good laugh after receiving a few nasty comments. You heard me. It seems that some don't really like what I have to say and want to tell me about it. New rule: If you leave nasty, rude, negative, mean, bossy (insert your own adjective) comments on my blog, then I am just going to delete your comment. This here blog o' mine is for the purpose of advocating for micro preemies and for telling you about our wonderful miracle boy. If you don't like it... go read somewhere else.

Well, I am going to attempt here (again) to get Jack down for a nap.

Inserting most beautiful pic of Jack sleeping in hopes that somehow, he will remember how wonderful it is to nap...

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Becky P. said...

You go girl!! I am behind you 100%! Thanks for dedicating so much time to help us fellow micropreemie parents!!

Christina said...

That is a great idea, it's your blog! I can't believe that someone would have anything mean or rude to say about this little guy! or anyone with special needs in general. I don's know if I could do a blog like this because I don't know how I would handle it if someone were to say something mean or hurtful about Zach, I still get really way too emotional about him, lol. Thank you for your blog, I've only just foundit in the last month or so but it is just nice to find someone else who gets it, (not to mention finding another 23 weeker, it's a small little club)