Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mobile Blogging Sucks!!

I'm going to give mobile blogging a try (again). Last time, I wasn't too impressed with this whole typing on the iPad/using the Blogger interface. I promise you there are nice paragraphs breaks that just may not appear upon hitting "publish." Oh well. We are on the road and Jack is contently watching Elmo. Jon is at the wheel. And I have some freedom here to blog. Jack woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty miserable. Back up a few days: our sweetie had a migraine last Friday night and he was still spiking fevers come four days later. Not good. He also has a rash all over his body. We decided to take him into the hospital, which is always an adventure, but even more so because we were in another town. This poor doctor that checked on Jack! Kids with shunts and complex medical histories are super difficult as walk-in patients. There is just way too many things that could be going on. We were mostly concerned about an ear infection and the doctor quickly ruled that out. Then he looked down Jack's throat and made some sort of comment about how it "looked horrible." No strep throat was found after a swab, though. The quick verdict was a virus, although there is always a concern about shunt infection. The doctor didn't feel good about letting us go without some blood work. But blood work on squiggly preemie veins is almost impossible. We decided to forgo blood work and chose to wait it out another day. Sorry Doc! At that point we had been at the hospital a good few hours. Jack was more than ready to leave. The good news is that Jack slept really well last night and ate a big ole' breakfast of his favorite - chocolate pudding - this morning. I am thinking he is feeling better. Thanks for all the nice comments on FB and the texts, friends. It really means a lot to know that you care. Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I let you all know that Jack is sick, but this is just real life. Each time Jack gets ill we have to worry about some pretty significant things that go beyond normal childhood illnesses (which aren't any fun either!). Jack hasn't had a real scare in over a year and for that, I am so thankful. P.S. In other news, I don't know whether to be sad or happy that Jack has more Facebook friends than I do. I'll go with happy.
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