Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagrammed Jack (plus daddy, mommy, Daisy, yummy food, recent happenings, etc.

if I could have one cookie before I die, it would be this one

such pretty weeds

what's with the weed pics?


farmer's market finds

this makes me very happy

date night! 

first time gel polish and still no chips 2+ weeks later!

he needed it so bad

pen pals

and a dollar for a sucker :)

I think I won a record last week for most Blizzard consumption

hibiscus tea

paired with this is quite yummy



want one now

Jack loves Nans and Pops theater room

and their neighborhood park

$5 Target find!

sick :(

better  :)

Thai night

plus ice cream

look who was waiting for us to get home!

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Becky P. said...

was that rhubarb in a picture? crazy as it sounds I love raw rhubarb with the pics.

Jessi said...

I love rhubard, too! Although more in baked goods :) The pic is actually of rainbow swiss chard.