Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4 Current Favs

Jack is such a creature of habit. When he loves a toy, he really loves it. Same thing goes for favorite activity. He would do the same things over and over, all day long, if we'd let him.

Besides swinging and watching Elmo, here are Jack's four current most favorite things.

1) Walks!

daddy's home...

2) Flipping Things!

cause and effect...

So this may need a bit of an explanation. About six months or so ago, Jack started to add this activity to his hours of reading books. He realized he could flip books over and over. Really, any narrow, book-like object now could be flipped! AND make lots of noise! The louder the crash, the better.

Daddy - pay no attention that I am in possession of your precious electronic device. It's just too much fun not to flip. 

And..... FLIP.

Oh the hours of entertainment!

Note: Jack normally does NOT get to flip daddy's iPad. Mommy just wasn't really paying attention to what object Jack had in his hands while I was clicking away with the camera. Oops.

3) Looking out the window and then jumping on the bed!

Oh the joy...

4) Chatting with Elmo!

the utter sweetness...

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Samantha Lindsay said...

I love his cause and effect piece... Smart boy!! And the pic of him kissing Elmo is the most precious!

Aidan and Evanna said...

He is so sweet, especially the sweetest smile to his dad, and the way he kisses the elmo.