Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank you, loyal readers.

I'm having a little love fest with this here blog. I just really, really love it. Back in April of 2011, I decided to really give blogging a try. Instead of just posting here and there, I made it a priority. I chose to focus solely on Jackpants and do so for five day a week. It's been quite the ride.

I love this place for so many reasons:

-I can freely gloat about my miracle boy
-I get to "meet" other preemies and preemie parents
-I have a free platform to advocate for kiddos like my son
-I have a creative outlet.. and a darn cool one at that!
-I can look back and see how far Jack has come
-And, I am blessed with amazing and special comments from our readers. Comments that literally get me through the day sometimes. You all seem to know exactly what to say, at just the right time. Comments like this: 

Jack's Mommy, thank you every day for writing. It's a very refreshing part of my morning routine to check your blog and see how far your little man has grown and changed! My daughter was a preemie (not a micro, but still early) and because of you and your family, I look at her every day is amazment. I love to see the sparkle in his eyes; the thing that I see every day in my daughter! Keep up the great work and NEVER stop writing!

I had such similar thoughts this week. There were so many moments recently where I've looked at my "tiny" children and thought, "When did you become boys?" Is this that moment I once dreamed about as I held a tiny body swaddled in wires. Each little breath became a miracle leading to today. And just think how many more we have to go. Jack was my inspiration in the hospital. How is he that old?! As my now two-year-old 25-pounders would say, "Woah.

Jessi, your family always inspires me! Jack is the one who continuously gave me the strength to take care of my kids!

I am so glad I found your blog!!

I've never written before, but I've been reading for a daughter was a preemie, but not a micro and she has lots and lots of challenges...(she's almost 15 now), but I wanted to encourage you. You are so right, taking care of a child is already hard enough, taking care of a special needs child is exhausting! You doing so much for Jack really shows in how well he is developing!!! Thank you so much for keeping it real, I know exactly how you feel...

You're not alone in how you feel, Jessi!

I've been following Jack's story for a long time now (since my two micro preemies landed in the NICU) and had to finally comment on this post - so happy for Jack! He has come so far and is such a great inspiration. Beautiful.

Jack is just so amazing.

Sometimes I get so desperate for normalcy and it's people like you who remind me that we can and will triumphantly walk one day too! Love, love, love!! Tears!!

Your blog is truly a blessing.

Can't help but let the tears fall reading the post and feeling your mommy heart.

A friend of mine just directed me to your blog and I SO needed it! My son was born at 24 weeks (January '11) and wore a Superman shirt on his way home from the hospital after 114 days and a myriad of problems. These pictures are amazing, and so is your little boy!

This is just a sample of the hundreds of comments that have been made over the last month or so. You see, I am the one that is blessed. I don't know how you happened to stumble across this blog, but I get so much encouragement from you, my readers. I just want to say THANK YOU. For reals, ya'll. You make this blogging journey so meaningful. And for your comments - I read each and every single one of them. 

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Angie said...

Thank you!

Julie said...

I remember having the conversation with you about whether to push the blog to be something bigger or let it go. So thankful that you took the flying leap. You have blessed others beyond what you will ever know. So proud to call you my friend! And Jack...well, I'll always be smitten with him.

Amy Sullivan said...

Who doesn't love a love fest? Good, good, good.