Monday, June 4, 2012

Shunt Checkup and Other Matters

I've got a little something to tell ya.

The week after vacation is brutal. I'm sure many of you have experienced this, but Jack developed some interesting behaviors after managing to get Grams and Cheeks wrapped around his tiny little finger while we were away. For instance, I'm told that Jack only slept if Cheeks would hold him. So... they slept a lot in the lazy boy. I'm not joking when I say that Jack spent some nights sleeping in Cheek's arms. Upon returning home with mommy and daddy, Jack awoke promptly at 4am every morning. And to his great disappointment, Cheeks was not there to rock him endlessly in the chair. He did that pretty much every day last week.

We were tired. And since Jack had a bad cold when we were gone (probably the main reason he only wanted Cheeks and would only sleep in his arms), he got to watch all the movies in the world that he ever wanted. So Jack wasn't satisfied unless Elmo was the blaring background noise to our existence. Good times.

The past week has been spent trying to regain a bit of a schedule in Jack's little life. But this is summer, and like I told you, we continue to travel. Today we are in another town for a full shunt work up. We need to see how those bad boys are working (yes, he has 2). The only pediatric neurosurgeon (you heard me right), left the state, and so we are left trying a new guy out. This doctor sees kids and adults. I hope it goes well. It will actually be quite interesting to see what he has to say. Jack has his shunts set at the highest pressure possible, which in plain English means they really aren't doing anything. They aren't draining much (if at all) and all guesses point to Jack's brain healing itself and being able to drain fluid the good old fashioned way.

We have discussed taking out the shunts. This is almost unheard of. Usually shunts are permanent and the line of thinking we've gone with is if it's not broke, don't fix it. They aren't doing any harm being there in his brain. They just aren't doing that much work. We will see what this new Dr. says.

Today's visit also means that Jack needs to lay still for a CT scan. Good luck with that, CT taking people!

I wouldn't leave you all hanging without at least one cute picture. You know how I told you the week after vacation is brutal? Well, this weekend was truly wonderful. I got to spend lots of quality time with my closest friends (much needed), and with Jon (always needed), and Jack got to spend even more time with his favorite, Cheeks (who isn't allowed to stay away more than 5 consecutive days).

Here they are, swinging away. Grams and Cheeks jumped back in the car to come and watch Jack while mommy and daddy went to a wedding. Photo courtesy of Grams cell phone.

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The Kimmels said...

LOVE that picture, so cute of Jack and his grampa :)