Monday, June 18, 2012

Politics and Jack?

We are home for a rare day of absolutely nothing planned. Well, I guess Jack had speech therapy this morning, but I've been puttering around the house, drinking my chai at leisure, and just enjoying having a quiet day. We are right in the middle of full blown Montana summer travel season. I can count on two hands the number of days that we've actually been at home. We are just having too much fun getting out in this glorious Montana weather.

The landscape around these parts is breathtaking. Yesterday we spent a good deal of time in our backyard just taking it all in. The way the sun glitters through the huge pine trees literally took my breath away. I kept on saying "Jon, isn't this magical?... like truly magical?"

Jack is holding up pretty well with all this road time and not sleeping in his own bed. I think it's because he is getting to spend extra time doing his most favorite thing ever.

We were in Missoula this past weekend (again). Jack loves loves loves it there. Mainly because of the swing conveniently located on my parent's patio.

I love it because my mom supplies us with yummy breakfast treats that I get to enjoy in the warm morning sunshine...ahh...

Cute bed head pic!

Cute outfit pic! (mommy, not Jack)

The reason we were in Missoula was to attend a political convention. Jon and I actually met through politics 10 years ago (a story for another blog) and have stayed involved (him more than me) ever since. I decided to take Jack to the convention to visit daddy and to see Nans and Pops, who were also there.

big boy!

Pops and Nans!

Jack showing his support

I'm sure this will be the first of many conventions for Jack.
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Julie said...

Love the bedhead picture. All of them are great! :)