Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Here

Summer has officially arrived. This week and weekend are supposed to be utterly gorgeous out. A bit warm for Montana standards, quite warm, but still wonderful. We are OK with warm. A little 90 degree heat (with no humidity) never hurt anyone. Well, at least those with air conditioning.

We have one of those window air conditioners that Jon dutifully puts in around June and takes out in September. We use it on and off when the temps get high during the day. But there is nothing more wonderful than opening up the windows once the sun sets to catch the cool breezes and fresh pine scents wafting through the air. It's one of the things that make us love our little home in the woods.

Another thing we love is our walk. It's the same walk each time. The same distance, the same loop. Jack and Daisy Sue live for these walks. It's Daisy's favorite thing in life and Jack's second favorite thing to swinging.

Another thing?

This room.

Beautiful, sun drenched heaven.

I don't know why I have such a look of consternation on my face. Maybe an annoying news article?  Maybe concentrating on a blog post? Regardless, it's  quite lovely in there. 

P.S. Special thanks to Grams (again!) for surprising us and coming to watch JackP so mommy and daddy could get away together. I was able to travel with Jon for a big, important board meeting and stay at a truly wonderful place in another part of Montana. Currently, I am sitting in an adorable, straight out of a Lifetime movie, small town coffee shop. Drinking a blended chai and eating an orange chocolate scone. When I close up the laptop, I will take a walk along the river. Thanks, Grams, for always stepping in at just the right time.

I am blessed.
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Becky Price said...

I love the views from your windows. Beautiful!

Kathryn said...

Jack's Mommy,

Thank you every day for writing. It's a very refreshing part of my morning routine to check your blog and see how far your little man has grown and changed! My daughter was a preemie (not a micro, but still early) and because of you and your family, I look at her every day is amazment. I love to see the sparkle in his eyes; the thing that I see every day in my daughter!Keep up the great work and NEVER stop writing!


Jessi said...

Katie - thank you! That comment just made my day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi, I'm a parent if a 28 weeker born due to my preeclampsia. Pretty unremarkable 101 day NICU stay (which i am soo thankful for) EXCEPT the dreaded reflux, resulting in a Nissen & gtube. We struggled w/ her tolerating feedings & dumping syndrome but that with that resolved, we attempted a 3 day wean this weekend. On days 1 & 2 she has been fair, definitely swallowing more but not much volume to account for. Of course today ( day 3), she woke up with a horrible cough/ runny nose..she's ate a little but not sure if I should keep going?? We are in consult w/her SLP that is coming later today. But, I feel like I'm starving her! She is so cranky and I' m in tears. Just wanted further advice on at what point do you feel like plunging ahead or is this too much for your precious LO. Thanks for all the time & dedication you've put into your blog. Jessica Kunkle

Jessi said...


I'm sorry.. I know it's so hard! We only did a wean one time (like a true, 3 week wean) and Jack did not get sick during it. Personally, I would wait until your sweetie is feeling better to start a wean again. Of course, if she starts feeling better today, then press on. It's just hard because you are mostly worried about dehydration and with a cold, it's too risky to push it. Are you giving water through the tube? Weans are hard, because yeah, you are purposefully keeping food and they get hungry and crabby. Sometimes they get sick. Sorry!

P.S. I wouldn't expect much regarding increased volume or intake of food this early in a wean. It normally takes a full 5-7 days to see bigger results.

Anonymous said...

Jessi, we are doing water & pedialyte thru tube. She does drink some water thru sippy cup, but NO milk or juice (heaven forbid anything witha calorie! :) tomorrow we are going back to 75% gtube feeds then maybe cut back to 25% again this weekend pending her weight fri..thanks for your reply, jack is a cutie! jessica