Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm in the middle of editing a huge bunch of pictures from our super fun weekend. There is something about photography with me, that I can't relax unless I have properly documented what is going on. My theory on this is that I have a not so amazing memory and pictures connect the dots.

This weekend as I was photographing, there were so many times that I would just look up from behind the lens and marvel at how BIG Jack is looking. No longer my little baby. A kid, really. It's a little bit hard to swallow. A small ache in my heart. On the other hand, it is so stinkin' cool. I mean here he is, growing and growing and growing! How many times did I pray that very prayer over my son while he was in the NICU? I remember repeating over and over "grow, Jack, grow"... sometimes, I didn't have the words, but I knew that growth was the key. I knew that with it came strength. And with strength, endurance to fight infection. Growth is something that I begged and pleaded with God for.... "please, God, just let him grow."

Here he is, growing up.

Bittersweet... but mostly, sweet. 
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Tricia said...

I had such similar thoughts this week. There were so many moments recently where I've looked at my "tiny" children and thought, "When did you become boys."

Is this that moment I once dreamed about as I held a tiny body swaddled in wires. Each little breath became a miracle leading to today. And just think how many more we have to go.

Jack was my inspiration in the hospital. How is he that old?! As my now two-year-old 25-pounders would say, "Woah."