Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did Jack like the water?

Sorry for the late post today! Jack had a super fun morning (mommy, too). We were playing with our friends. I didn't have my big girl camera, but managed to snap a few cell phone pics.

summer day perfect for water fun! 

or reading books in the shade

or begging for a sip of coffee. Yes, coffee. Jack is obsessed. 

Jon asked me this afternoon "did Jack like the water?" Answer? Well, the picture speaks for itself.  

P.S. There is so much going through my mind today that I wish I had time to blog about - mainly the Supreme Court decision that came out this morning and how it affects kids like Jack. I'm not sure this blog is the place where I want to get into politics, but it sure was interesting to see the opinions run the gamut on Facebook from preemie parents! Anyway... thinking the blog will stick to fun playdates for now.
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Julie said...

Love the pics. :) I really shouldn't have teased him like that with my coffee. Not nice.

amy said...

I KNOW they are not supposed to curl their toes BUT don't just LOVE "curlin toes"? seriously - the big kids and I just crack up at Ryan and his curlin' toes! love to smooch them! TWO, hope Jack really did LOVE the water. We've ditched PT for the summer and are in the pool. the water is amazing and he is swimming (with floaties)and moving those legs GREAT ...since we ditched PT for the summer to act like a "normal" family. swim swim swim Jack!!!