Monday, June 11, 2012

The Cutest Sweatshirt Ever

Remember the cutest shirt ever? Well, we now have our very own cutest sweatshirt of all time. Seriously.

too cool for school

This sweatshirt was a birthday gift from Jack's friend, Eliza, who couldn't make it to his birthday party. Last week we were over at her house (Eliza's mom is Katie, my good friend. Bonus!).

After we left, Katie asked "Eliza, what do you think of Mr. Jack?"

Eliza's response? "Well... he's my best friend. And he's doing a really good job walking."

And I die.

Eliza and Jack are almost the exact same age and she is a great friend to him, watching out for him, and obviously noticing how good Jack is doing in the gross motor skills department. Go Jack!

Back to the sweatshirt. Isn't this so adorable? It's made right here in our wonderful state of Montana. Good news is that you can get lots of fun things (states, animals, words) put on shirts, sweatshirts, and skirts for all ages. Found here.

Love it!

P.S. In other news, I was in heaven this weekend.

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Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

Love the sweatshirt. And love that Jack has a good friend. On another note... Jack looks so much like you in the second to last picture. Not that you take pictures with your tongue out :)

Hannah said...

Katie is a high school friend of mine, and we recently reconnected when my new husband and I spent the end of our honeymoon at their house :)

She mentioned you then, in the context that you've taught her about what matters in parenting. Ever since she wrote for you (and posted the link to Facebook), I've been following your blog and life with Jack.

I don't have kids yet, but I perceive you are full of love for your boy. Blessings on your family.

Jessi said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog. I always love to hear how people happen to stumble upon our little slice of the internet. So cool that you know Katie!

Samantha said...

Nothing is more special than a friend/peer noticing what goes unnoticed by so many.... Precious!! And Jack could not look any cuter in that sweat shirt!!! Love!