Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some Days

Some days, I don't need a big blog post with flowery words.

Some days, it's better to take the hour I would spend blogging and work out. Or go for a walk. Or have a long talk with a friend. Or take a nap.

Some days, it's OK to just sit and marvel at how far this boy has come. If there's one thing I want to say today, it's that I am so, so proud of my boy.

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Ashley said...

You should be proud! Hes pretty amazing! And so are you!

amy said...

Oh Jessi - if i've learned anything by our little surprise in Ryan, being the mom of 4 and now 42 - haha.... it's that all the other stuff doesn't matter...the house being uber clean...good housekeeping isn't knocking nor were they ever....NONE of it matters....had a neighbor say to my hubby tonight as they joked about how much "time off" my hubby gets - NO ONE has EVER said - wish i spent more time at the office. goes for cleaning, blogging or that other stuff...I say snuggle, marvel, dream, gaze and just be...because before you know it they are asking for the car keys. Enjoy every moment...YOUR BOY IS A PROMISE!!! (old bible school song from a really long time ago...)