Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This morning we skipped therapy.

Now, I wouldn't always advocate for skipping/canceling/not showing up to your scheduled therapy. But when the situation calls for it, just do it. No guilt attached.

Let me clarify one thing before I move on - please, please do not be a flake and just not show up. That doesn't look good and sure leaves the therapist hanging. Do people even do this? I hope not. Of course there are always circumstances that can't be avoided ... aka kid gets sick. But, if you can,  plan it a bit ahead of time. Give your therapist a heads up. Skipping out on therapy can be a good thing.

Late yesterday afternoon I was debating this very subject and just decided to call our therapist and see if there were any other openings this week that Jack could come. I didn't hear back from her yesterday, so I was hoping she would call first thing this morning. She did just that. And there was an opening later this week. Perfect! I wouldn't have to deal with any mommy guilt! We could skip out and Jack could go to a birthday party.

Oftentimes, you can just sense that your child's time would better be spent doing something other than therapy. Did I really just type that? It's true though. And it's sometimes better for mommy, too. Parenting a child that is in multiple therapies a week can leave one feeling socially drained, having no real connections. Your best friends become therapists and medical professionals! Now, they are certainly great people, but there is life outside of hospitals, ya know? Skipping lets mommy do typical mommy things. And most importantly, it lets your kid do typical kid things. Both are important.

So today Jack skipped. And his mommy helped him. Let's see if Jack tries to use the same excuses when he wants to skip out on high school.
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Anonymous said...

We are glad you skipped today. :) It was fun getting to be mommies together, too! Jack's a cool cat.


amy said...

oh you will so hear that one again at some point! "mom, i just needed a break, to be a teen, no tests, no teachers, no pressures!" Good for you!

Sarah Pope said...

Hope you guys had a good time at the party! You're right...everyone needs a break...although I don't think it's skipping if you rescheduled. ;)

Julie said...

This therapist says: It's not skipping if you reschedule. And yes, people no-show all.the.time. And shhh...but sometimes we therapists do a little happy dance when someone cancels so that we can actually catch up on paperwork or grab lunch or plan ahead. (at least when we work more than 1 hr per week like I do).

This mama says: Follow your instincts. You know what is best for Jack, for you and for your family. Trust yourself!

PS...were cupcakes invovled? :)