Tuesday, May 8, 2012

See ya in a year?!

Jack had his 3 year, well child visit with his pediatrician yesterday. It was the quickest visit we've ever had at this particular office. No vaccinations. No desperate pleas for help or advice. Just a quick run through of what we have going on this summer with specialists (checkups with dentist, neurosurgeon, and developmental doc). That's about all we discussed.

Oh. And the fact that Jack is on the growth chart for height... AND WEIGHT!


The first time ever, remind you. Somewhere around 15% actual, 30% adjusted! We could not believe it. It's only taken three years, but still, such a huge thing in our book.

Jack's pediatrician ended our appointment by saying "see ya in a year." Um... OK!

I remember the first year of Jack's life. He was around 11 months old. He looked (rightly so) about 3 or 4 months old. People would be so shocked when we told them how old he was. They were very confused, those poor people! He needed one of these shirts.

Good job, buddy! You've worked so hard to be able to eat and consume all those calories you need to grow. We couldn't be prouder!!

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Babs said...

That is great news and I'm sure it was wonderful to hear!

Mandy Gramkow said...

LOVE THIS! Good job Jack! You are so brave! I totally know what you mean Jessi...hard transitioning from neo where you talk DAILY about your kid, then the pediatrician where your visits get few and farther between. Say what? is definitely the proper response! GROWTH CHART FOR WEIGHT! WAAAAHOOOOO!

Angie said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! And on the charts!! GO JACK!! See you in a year? I cant wait to hear those words!! But one year already down (almost).

Becky Price said...

Awesome job Jack! He has wonderful parents.

mouse said...

Hooray, what FANTASTIC news. Go Jack, Jessi and Jon! It must have been the nicest shock in the world :)

Alex said...

Such a blessing! Way to go Jack!
Mine are 2 and the only chart they make is the head growth! LOL

Emily Real said...


Sharayah said...

Finn is at about 10%.... Jack has him beat!! That is sooo awesome!