Monday, May 28, 2012


One of the best feelings in the world? The moment the airplane wheels touch down. We've landed.

Close friends and family know that I absolutely abhor flying. Hate it. Loathe it. Worst thing ever. If you're like me and hate flying, then you get it. If not, then you may think I'm crazy for being afraid of a mode of transportation that is much safer than driving. This line of thinking does not work well on one who hates flying... don't even try. Just back off, OK! :) ...  Anyway, the week leading up to a flight - bundle of nerves. The week after - regroup/relax/take deep breath. I didn't always used to be like this, but it is what it is.

Coming off the plane after our days away in Washington D.C. was incredible. Seeing Jack waiting for us at baggage claim was the epitome of best feeling ever. Have you ever left your child for a few days, only to return, and see a MUCH bigger kid? Jack seems to have grown at least 5 inches and is now acting every part of his three year old self.

He was excited to see me... but oh, to see DADDY. You see, Jon had been gone for a longer time (I met up with him after his work conference had finished). Jack and Daddy could not be separated and some airport exploring was in order.

We are back to real life for the week before we head off again (this time, in a safe and comfortable vehicle). It's good to be home. Thanks again to my friends, Katie and Julie, who did such an incredible job blogging while I was away. I think in the future I will have a guest post here and there just because it's nice to hear from another perspective, another voice.

Hope you are all having a good Memorial Day!
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