Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grams to the rescue...again.

Sensing a theme here?

Grams hightailed it the two hours it takes to get here from their place. She zipped up over a mountain pass to come all the way to pick Jack up and take him to therapy. And to let mama go back to sleep. Which I did. For an additional three hours.

Grams and Jack then went back to Jack's second most favorite place in the world - the apartment - and I have slowly been getting things done around here. Grams and Cheeks and Nans and Pops are all coming for the weekend.

I always seem to plan every.single.thing.ever. all on the SAME weekend. This weekend is packed full like no other. But, with lots and lots of fun things. I just have to get over this dreaded sick stuff going on, because there are things going on!

Yesterday was a pretty special day for Jack and I. Although we were super bummed that daddy had to be away on Jack's birthday, we made the most of it. We went to the park, we went and picked out a birthday cupcake, and I pretty much snuggled Jack all day. He has already forgiven me for taking him to Walmart to pick up some last minute birthday party supplies. Yep, Jack is having a little birthday party this weekend with a few of his little playmates coming over. It should be fun!

Well... gotta go and get some stuff done! Thank God for Grams!

Jack wasn't too interested in his birthday cupcake... but mama was!

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Julie said...

YAY for Grams! Praying for you to kick this cold, quick!!!

Anonymous said...

She is a special lady, she took special care of my dad in surgery on Monday & made him feel like he had his own special Angel watching over him.

Jessi said...

Isn't she great?!