Monday, May 14, 2012

Gift, Breakfast, Park, Couch, Dinner, and Glorious Chocolate Cake

We have a big, big week coming up. Before I move on to all the amazing, wonderful, fun, and exciting things happening this week, I better give you all a glimpse into my Mother's Day fun.

Jon knows exactly what I think consists of a good day and he planned such a special one for me. I wasn't feeling that well, and priority number one was just resting. He let me sleep in! He does this quite often, but I really, really needed it yesterday. I woke up to a present sitting outside our bedroom door and Jack walking down the hallway to greet me first thing.

Jack gave me a very special Mother's Day card. Very "Jack."

A day earlier, Jon had tried his hand at making homemade brioche bread (he's always experimenting in the kitchen) and even though I thought it turned out great, it just wasn't up to what he had wanted. He told me that he had wanted to make me french toast with it on Mother's Day morning. I mean, seriously. How sweet is that? Anyone that knows me, knows my favorite meal is brunch. LOVE IT. Since Plan A didn't work out, we went with Plan B and made our way to a local favorite breakfast spot.

It's always an adventure taking Jack into a restaurant. Since Jack doesn't eat much table food, we always have him fed before we go anywhere. Otherwise, it would just be torture for him, watching everyone eat stuff that he can't yet. So we have to bring lots of books, our portable DVD player (a life saver!), and be prepared to spend lots of time walking around.

Of course when we got to the place, there was a 15 minute or so wait. What to do? Photo shoot time!

Daddy got Jack dressed that morning and he was so, so cute.

And I now introduce you to my new, all-time-favorite picture of Jack. This expression just cracks me up! I don't remember what was so funny... or maybe he was singing. Either way, this picture makes my day.

Proof I was there, too! I just love being Jack's mom. I'll admit that I spent many a moment yesterday in awe of the fact that I am so, so blessed.

I just plain love him.

We were finally called to our table and had such a yummy breakfast. I'm pretty sure this place makes the absolute best pancakes ever. And bacon. Really crispy bacon, just how I like it. Jack is really into bacon. With his eating issues, he can't really chew the bacon, but he can take licks. Mornings like these are ones where I dream about the day where Jack can eat along with us. I cannot wait for that day!

After breakfast, Jon was already asking me about what I wanted for dinner. It's just how we roll. We made a quick stop at the grocery store and then decided to let Jack do his most favorite thing in the world before heading home.

Before swinging, Jon always says "one... two..." and then Jack says "three!" and off he goes.

It was such a beautiful day. Very, very warm for Montana this time of year. We ended up bumping into our good friends at the park. What a treat! Mama Katie was out jogging with her double jogging stroller (amazing woman!) and they stopped at the park along the way home. This is her daughter Eliza, who is almost exactly the same age as Jack.

Jack was so happy to get a swinging partner!

And cute little Abe was there, too.

After the park we headed home. I proceeded to lay around the rest of the day, no joke. Jon took good care of me, the sweet guy he is. He was cooking up a storm all day, making something that would be good for me, with lots of veggies, hoping to boost our immune systems and keep us out of the sick-in-bed territory (so not an option this week!).

He ended up making this masterpiece.

That right there is Moroccan couscous with shrimp, chicken, and tons of veggies. Well, technically, it's Israeli couscous (also known as pearl couscous) with Moroccan spices. The warm spices, coupled with fresh-squeezed grilled lemon on top were to DIE FOR. I felt myself feeling better immediately.

Of course Jack was helping daddy the whole time from his trusty spot right in front of the refrigerator.

Later in the evening, Jon really spoiled me and made probably the most delicious dessert I've ever had. This was a real labor of love for him because he doesn't often bake desserts, but he knows how much I love them. I took way too many pictures because I was so excited. You know it's a good recipe when it comes out of Jon's trusty white 3-ring binder. He has been ripping out recipes from Food and Wine and Bon Apetit for years now.

If you can't read that, it says "ooey, gooey chocolate cake." Yes and amen. Here is the step by step.

Melt glorious dark chocolate.

Line ramekins with more glorious cocoa.

Fill halfway with glorious chocolate cake batter. Add a dollop of peanut butter filling, ya'll!

Fill with the remaining batter.

Put in oven. Watch glorious chocolate cake nervously/excitedly.

Take out of oven. Smells so good.

Invert cake on a dish. Grab the powdered sugar. Go to town.

Ta da!

And then I died.

Best Mother's Day ever.
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Ashley said...

Keep up with the "y'alls" and You'll make a Southerner yet, Missy! And that cake? Heavenly! I have a three ring binder too!

Samantha said...

What a fabulous Mother's Day!! And the dessert at the end definitely looked to die for... Great job, Jon!!

Angie said...

What a wonderful day you had! And very well deserved! I love reading about your family and my favorite pictures are the 2 you are in.

Arianne said...

Yummy cake! I'm hungry.....