Monday, May 21, 2012

The Crazay Weekend Recap

So this past weekend was CRAZAY. Yes, I totally know that spelling "crazay" as such is slightly annoying. Oh well.

I was worried how Jack would do with the constant busyness. We normally try to keep things calm around these parts. Beginning Wednesday of last week, Jack was spending quite a bit of quality time with Grams at the apartment so I could get things ready for something super exciting happening on Friday night.

If you remember, I made a list of 30 Things Before 30 otherwise known as 30 things I want to accomplish/do before I turn the big 3-0. On that list was to attend an art or photography exhibit opening... Well, turns out, I got to participate in my own photography opening!

Here I am on Friday evening with my black and white photo collection, part of our town's Spring Art Walk. I chose to show pictures of my favorite photography clients - children! I had such a wonderful time and showed with such a highly talented group of photographers who are such an inspiration to me! Jack even came to the show to see his place of honor, top and center, of my photographs. I just love that picture of him.

Here is a picture when we were just getting started, showing some of the other photographers work. 

The place was soon packed, we had live music and catered food! Such a fun event! I started my photography business in January and have loved every minute of it, especially taking photos of children. There is nothing like it.

Saturday we woke up to something extra special for Jack - his little birthday party. I don't have any pictures of it yet. I decided to hire my friend to do all the photography so I could just relax and take it all in. We kept the party quite small so Jack wouldn't get too overwhelmed. It was the cutest little Sesame Street party ever, in my opinion. As soon as I get edited pics, I will make sure to post them so you can all see how fun it was. 

Before I go for the day, I wanted to tell you that this week is going to be a little different at Life with Jack. I have two very close friends who are going to be doing some guest blogging starting mid-week into next. I need a little break, so they have generously stepped up to share with you from their hearts. These post are so well done and so much a part of what Life with Jack is all about. 

Stay tuned!
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Angie said...

Congrats on your photography business,no wonder I always think, how come my pics dont look like that? :) cant wait to see pics of the bday party.