Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome Stream of the Conscious!

You know those blogs that you read and you find yourself actually giggling out loud? And then you look around, and realize you are in a coffee shop and you are getting stares from other coffee house patrons? No? Never happened to you? Well, you are missing out, Missy!

I need to make a little introduction:

Welcome our newest sponsor - Stream of the Conscious. When Tricia, the uber talented blogger from Stream of the Conscious, contacted me, I immediately set upon reading, reading, and reading some more of her extremely talented and super witty stuff. I mean SERIOUSLY talented. Award winning talented, no joke. Writing is her gift and I'm a bit jealous.

But not jealous enough to not share the awesomeness that is her blog with all of you.

Tricia is a mommy blogger who wears the title proudly. She has reason to. She is momma to amazing preemie twins whom she lovingly refers to as the "muppets" (love it!). She has written about the muppets from their NICU journey...

Until now. How cute are they?!

So here is what you need to do today.

First, you need to read this. Then, brace yourself for this hilariousness, especially if you have twins. If you didn't think that was funny enough, please do yourself a favor and read 10 Phrases Frat Boys and Toddlers Have in Common. I am now pinning this very post onto my "funny" Pinterest board. Really. Pinning right now...


Not only is this blog hilarious, it's also very real and touches on subjects that most of us preemie moms can relate to. I especially resonated with her post titled "Confessions of a Guilty Mother".

This is good stuff, folks.
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Tricia said...

Grinning from ear to ear! Jack's story helped get me through the dark days of my hospital stay. And I am THRILLED to be part of Life with Jack.