Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Wednesday Love and Other Matters

Happy Hump Day!

Two things:

1) Yesterday's therapy sessions were amazing. The whole time I kept thinking about how I almost didn't jump in the car... how I almost canceled. But then, I gave myself a little pep talk. And you all encouraged me. During the first hour, physical therapy, Jack walked seven whole minutes on the treadmill. That is the most he's ever walked! He is getting so strong. When they put Jack on the treadmill, they are checking to see how his steps are, if his heels are touching the ground in a complete walking motion, and how his legs and hips are aligned. He did great. He didn't scream in frustration at all. He pretty much worked hard and had fun for the whole hour!

The second hour was feeding therapy. Jack is making really big gains in the feeding department. If you've been following Jack for awhile, you will know that he eats anything pureed like a champ. But, anything with texture, he gags. Yesterday he tried crumbs of Cheetos, chocolate cupcake, and Cocoa Puffs. He was actually eating the crumbs without gaging! HUGE for Jack. He's also trying so hard to learn how to drink out of an open cup and he's so close. I feel like the next couple of months are going to be big in the food department for Jack.

All this to say, I'm so glad we went (even though I arrived home and immediately crashed on the couch... and didn't move from that spot the rest of the night. Jon had to take care of both of us, the babies we were).

2) We toured Jack's pre school this morning. Let me repeat. WE TOURED A SCHOOL. How can this even be happening??

Once the shocked wore off, we were actually able to watch the little classroom's day unfold. All the kids (around 8 of them) arrived at 8:30 and had about ten minutes of free playtime. Jack joined right in by immediately scooting over to a boy(that had meticulously put together train tracks and was contently pushing  his train) and decided to take each train track piece apart and throw it across the room. After a couple seconds of "oh no... this is not happening!!" from his mama, the teacher assured me that this kind of play was totally normal in the pre school environment and to let them be. Then she called the class to attention, made the kids pick up the toys, and had everyone sit in a circle (Jack included). This was so cute. They played a couple of games, sang a couple songs, and did one quick craft activity. Besides the main teacher, she had a helper and a speech therapist with her. Three adults for eight kids... pretty good, but they normally have another helper.

It seems all the children are at different levels and abilities, which made me feel really good about putting Jack in that environment. The younger kids definitely followed the older kids, which was quite cute and Jack was just so happy and excited to be around them all. He kept on giggling and screaming in excitement.

After the focused attention with all the kids in a circle, they had a nature walk. All the kids got their coats on and lined up. We walked for about ten minutes, with the teachers pointing out things and asking questions to the kids along the way. Stuff like "What color is that flower?" and "What does this tree trunk feel like"... lots of exploratory questions. I was just so impressed with how smart these kids were! Very inspiring that Jack will be joining them and learning from them!

After that, we got a little tour of the gym and playground (yes, Jack got to swing... made his day!) and talked a bit with the teachers. Our takeaway? After seeing everything and being totally impressed, we are enrolling Jack in school! It is crazy to even type that, but I know it will be so good for him. This school meets three days a week for two hours per day. He will start in September. And I will most certainly have a heart attack.

I thought I'd leave you with a little Wednesday Love. Occasionally, I will use Wednesdays to link up or show you stuff that I've enjoyed, that's moved me, or has made me laugh on the internet during the past week. Enjoy!

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And finally

-caution... this will certainly make you cry but is worth the watch:

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Babs said...

Wow. Jack is growing up so fast! Is it appropriate to say I'm so proud of him?!

Emily Real said...

You're right, the video story certainly made me cry. I'm so excited with you guys about school--incredible!