Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pen Pals

Jack has a special pen pal. I don't quite remember how it started, but for the past couple of years, Jack has been getting letters and fun presents in the mail from "Grammy Katie", a grandma who we've only met a few times and who took a special liking to Jack and his story. For almost every holiday, we see that familiar handwriting on letters and packages when we open the mail box.

It's pretty much the most precious thing ever. Grammy Katie asks Jack all sorts of questions and Jack writes back. Here are some of my favorite lines from a 4th of July letter this past summer:

"Do you know about the flag yet?" (in reference to a picture of the American flag at the top of the letter).

"Swinging. Isn't that so good? It's kinda like flying, isn't it?"

"Keep on eating and walking everywhere. You'll be hard to catch."

"Let me know when you will be writing. I'll send some crayons or something."

And these handwritten letters go on and on. We send Grammy Katie lots of pictures of Jack and for every single photo we send, she comments on them.

"That one with mama and daddy was a good one. You're so cute!"

"I see your teeth in the one asking for your breakfast - hurry! Bet you have a lot of them by now."

"Whee! Daddy's throwing you in the air - isn't that fun?"

Jack's latest package from Grammy Katie came in the mail around Easter.

addresses blurred

How cute are these? Jack's very own handmade slippers.

We love Grammy Katie!
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Marcie said...

How incredibly sweet! Love those slippers!