Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh How I Love...


I don't use Pinterest for crafting. There is nothing more annoying than someone saying "oh, I'm not on Pinterest. Who has time to do crafts?" 1) They are totally missing the point and 2) well, they are totally missing the point! There is a whole lot more to Pinterest than crafting. You make it what you want it to be. I use it for photography inspiration. For recipes. For design inspiration. For spreading the word about prematurity. (Side note: HUGE week on the blog last week thanks to Pinterest!) If you love crafting, then you can certainly use it for crafting... but, it doesn't end there. 

Today, just for fun, I wanted to show you some of my pins on Jack's board. Yep. I have a board titled "For Jack", filled with things I think he would like, would be amazing for a big boy bedroom, and things he would look cute in. Did I mention Pinterest doesn't help shopping addictions? If you tend to lean this way, maybe Pinterest isn't for you. 


just for fun:

oh books

oh maps! I have a slight obsession with maps

cute cute cute! can't you just see Jack in a tweed?

or this!

pretty much the most amazing kids space ever

arguably the cutest outfit ever

little farmer's market stand! SWOON!

leather todd jacket

striped rain coat

map pillow?! yes, please.

a classic

love this book holder

little anchors

tiny TOMS

map covered letters

love this pillow

3rd birthday inspiration

All found here, with links.

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Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

cute, cute, cute! you had me with the tiny toms. adorable!

Becky Price said...

I have to admit that " pining" or whatever the term is, imtimidates me. How does one even get started. I hope it was ok to mention Jack and Pierce on the blog, you two families have gotten me through the last 4 months or so. I continue to find hope and eencouragement from reading your story. God bless you!

Jessi said...

It's really easy to start... but a warning: could get addicting!