Monday, April 30, 2012

Kitchen Love

Weekends in Jack's house are spent in the kitchen. Daddy loves to cook and it's his way of relaxing and experimenting. As soon as Jack hears the sizzle of a pan, he makes a beeline for daddy to see what's going on.

Sometimes I just find Jack in the kitchen by himself, getting into all sorts of messes. And I'm happy about that. There was a time when Jack couldn't open cabinets, much less get to the kitchen all by himself.

Good job, Jack!

So handsome.

Also on the agenda this weekend was multiple trips to look in the mirror. It seems Jack has rekindled his love for seeing his cute reflection.

Who wouldn't love that face.
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1 comment:

Sarah Pope said...

That third picture down makes my heart melt. Seriously! Could he get any cuter?!? :)