Monday, April 9, 2012

How Jack Does Church

Jack isn't the easiest kid to take to church. He spends his time wandering the halls and letting out the occasional happy (or mad) scream. This means that mommy and daddy don't really hear much of the sermon and it becomes a case of who it going to take care of Jack and switching him between each of us. He isn't ready yet to go into the kids class for his age (without a parent), so we have to be creative. 

Since it was Easter, we really, really wanted to go to church together as a family, even if it meant not hearing anything. We wanted to dress him up in something pastel (hello Easter!) and do the typical family things that both Jon and I grew up doing. 

Let me just tell you, he was so stinkin' cute. 

Look at me!

I am still trying to recover from the shock at how OLD Jack looked.

I love this kid.

Yep... we all dressed up like a bunch of Easter eggs. I'm of the opinion that you have to wear some sort of pastel-ish color on Easter. I'm certain it's a law somewhere.

On our way to church we made the obligatory Starbucks stop.

Boy was in heaven. Walking around as if he owned the place.

Can I just stop right now and point out something? That crooked smile. I love it. He has variations of it, but the best is the chin jutted out, to the side smile.

Moving on.

The walking continued at church. I'm pretty sure Jack got his exercise quota for the week during that hour and a half. And you know what? Nothing makes me happier than to see him walking. Period.

Of course any walking like that produces a deep need for a swig of coffee. Didn't I ever tell you that Jack can eat or drink basically anything* he wants? Ask any parent of a kid with oral aversion. I'm sure they will tell you the same thing.

*I feel the need to explain that (of course) not really anything.

Moving on... again.

My good friend was sitting in front of us. And this cuteness was going on. LOVE.

Jack finally settled down and shocked us all by reading his books for a good twenty minutes. Way to go, Jack! Mommy and Daddy actually could listen to the sermon! Happy Easter to everyone!

Once we got home, we gave Jack his Easter basket full of fun things. Grams and Cheeks sent some fun stuff in the mail. In particular, Jack loves his little new froggy. Mommy loved the m&m's and Daddy loved the Reece's Pieces.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I know some of you made it to your first church service together as a family now that RSV season is wrapping up. It still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to be out and about as a family. Never, ever taking it for granted.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics! I'm glad you had a wonderful time at church as a family. Jack did look super cute in his pastel shirt, and yes, it's a fashion law. I broke it by wearing a hot coral, but whatevs. :)
-Lindsay B.

Julie said...

Jack in yellow...swoon!

PS - can you email me the pic of Claire? Thanks!

Our Beautiful Family said...

He looks soooo cute in his Easter outfit!!! It looks like he had a blast. And I'm glad he behaved in Church. I take my boys to Chirch each week and often take them by myself so I totally get the "not hearing the sermon" routine. I'm hoping that gets better soon lol

Lori Hamm said...

He's as cute as he can be! And he's definitely moving from "baby" to "kid."

Emily Real said...

And Aunt Em loves the bowtie in the Easter basket! :)

Marcie said...

Jack looks super handsome in these photos. And I love how happy he looks.

We made it to our first Mass together as a family on Easter - all 8 of us. It was wonderful. And I agree - I will never take family time for granted.

Happy Easter!

Ashley said...

Uh 1) are you sure you're not from the South? Pastels on Easter Sunday is a Southern Law. Didn't you know? And 2) CUTE! Hair clip. Even though I chopped my hair off, I still browse the hair clip aisle. I wish I were a long hair girl like you; but alas, I'm too lazy for it!