Monday, April 16, 2012

Grams To The Rescue

Grams has been here for a few days. In fact, she is rocking Jack to sleep for his nap right now as I type. She quickly changed her plans last week to come a bit early so I could head off with Jon for a couple days. She knew we needed a getaway.

Jack has loved every minute that Grams has been here and Gramps even got to come for a couple of those days to join in the fun. Over the weekend, they went to the park, went on walks, read a lot of books, and I'm sure Jack got rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime and had all the attention in the world on him. He's still in heaven!

Mommy's been in heaven, too. I told you last week that I was a walking zombie, too tired to think straight. Finally, I feel like I've gotten a few nights of really good sleep. It's amazing what that does for ya!

While away for a couple days, I pretty much spent my time in coffee shops. I read a lot. I thought a lot. I drank a lot of coffee and I ate a lot of treats. Have I mentioned that coffee shops are probably my most favorite place ever?

A word of caution:

This post is only going to contain pictures of coffee, food, and more food. No Jack pics today. Sorry ya'll!

But... I'm not really sorry. Because look at this beauty.

And this!

That's a peanut butter chocolate cupcake, people.

Ok, so I didn't take pictures of only food. I got one of these gorgeous little flowers at my most favorite restaurant in the state. I'm pretty sure I'm willing to decorate my whole house off the concept of little white vase, natural green twigs, and yellow pop of color flower.

This restaurant serves crusty European style bread. My favorite. I could live off this stuff.

For lunch I had the vegetable quiche.

And Jon had the croque monsieur... a fancy way of saying a kicked up ham and cheese. And yes, I'm that annoying person that whips out a big camera in a restaurant. Deal.

And I couldn't leave my favorite place without my favorite pastry - the croissant.

So good, right?

P.S. Read this if pictures of coffee, cupcakes, and flowers just aren't cutting it for your Monday. Or, read it just because I said so. It's the best thing I saw last week in preemie blog circles.
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mouse said...

I love coffee shops too!

Glad you and Jon got a break. Sometimes it is just needed to refresh yourself for the next bit. Children are gorgeous but can be draining, and that is without any additional issues! Have an extra croissant :)