Friday, April 6, 2012

Flashback Friday - Charting

I just love this. Here is a page of Jack's medical chart. Each and every day, both the nurses and doctors would chart Jack's progress. They would note things like Jack's demeanor, when and how much he ate or was gavaged, and the meds he was given. If you look closely on the last line, you will see that on this particular day, the nurse charted that Jack was "dressed in clothes & yes he is really cute."
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Angie said...

That is so cute!! Did you have to ask for these? We kept a journal that I recently found. I don't understand all of my notes and go back and forth on whether or not to get the hospital records of our three.

Jessi said...

I actually snapped this picture right after the nurse wrote it. I would periodically read the chart when I came in each day to catch up on how Jack was doing. I have thought about getting Jack's full medical records, but I know it would be such a pain (and could be expensive) for so many papers!