Monday, March 5, 2012

Slowing It Down

I'm not the type of person that thrives when each and every minute is filled with to-do's, get-togethers, and meetings. I like the freedom to breath. The freedom to take it all in. I see that Jack is this way, too. He starts to get pretty cranky when we fill his week up with too many things. There's just something so wonderful about taking it slow, being at home, and enjoying the quiet. You start to notice things that otherwise, may be overlooked.

Like this.

There's nothing more beautiful than a sleeping Jack.

And if my heart didn't skip a beat when I captured Jack in all his sleeping beauty.

And now to begin a much busier week...
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1 comment:

Samantha Lindsay said...

Absolutely beautiful! And he's an amazing reason to just stop and smell the roses from time to time!