Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ready for College

Jack was thrilled to have his hair cut by daddy. 

And by thrilled, I hope you know I really mean the opposite. Boy was not happy. 

*Side note: 
The thought just occurred to me - I don't know how my sarcasm comes off via this blog... because I'm pretty sarcastic and I know that reading something is much different than hearing it. Here's to hoping you all catch that I'm not quite serious a lot of the time. Or, you may think I have a super sunny disposition... and that's fine too. Or you may be totally confused as you read. If that's the case, well, sorry. 

Back to Jack. 

Thrilled. It's like he's piercing my very soul with those eyes. "Mom, this is the lamest use of my time" and "could you please get that camera out of my face?"  

I have to say that Jon does a really, really good job with haircuts (no sarcasm here). I had the hard job of snapping pictures (sarcasm).

Moving on.

Jon could totally be a barber. He's got skills! We decided to give Jack a cut because he can't use his right arm... which means much less chance of injury via shears. And his hair was getting pretty shaggy. He also had this ratted mess of hair on the back of his head. I hated trying to comb it out all the time.

If you remember Jack's last haircut, we learned our lesson and bought some shears. They made the process much smoother.

Look at him now!

Looks like he's ready to go off to college.

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Reene said...

what a handsome boy you are!! I love the hair. I hope Felix has long hair soon ;)

Aidan and Evanna said...

handsome boy and Jon really like a pro!

Julie said...

Contempt in that first picture. Full, total contempt. Love it! He looks so grown up!!!

Emily Real said...

So true...there's 18 year old Jack. :)

Ashley said...

Wow that first picture sure speaks volumes from jack!