Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo Challenge Catch-Up

Remember this?

Yeah... neither did I.

Friday came, and this happened.

Coffee with a good friend is pretty much my most favorite thing ever. I didn't intentionally forget the photo challenge. Our weekend just filled up from that moment on. I did, however, take pictures. And now, I'm playing catch up. Remember, I am doing this photo challenge with Jack in mind. This is his blog after all! Here we go:

Day 2: Water

 Snow, melt, mud, snow, melt, mud. This is spring in Montana. You can see the new green slivers of grass peaking through. I predict many, many hours spent outside once the snow is finally gone. 

Day 3: Black and White

Cheeks! Both Grams and Gramps were here for a visit!

Day 4: Tree

This is our only tree that "kind of" looks alive. I can't wait til Jack can spend hours and hours on our property beneath big shady, blooming trees. 

Day 5: Something You Love

Jack loves watching Sesame Street on daddy's iPad.

Day 6: Chores

Jack's container of beans. Right now we're just using it for sensory input to his left hand. Jack isn't a fan... but who is of chores? 

Now for a quick CTI update for those who have been asking:

After our last occupational therapy appointment on Thursday I was feeling pretty down about the whole casting situation. I felt bad for Jack. I could tell he wasn't happy. At all. And I wasn't seeing much progress. Sure, we noticed some things immediately, but I felt like he wasn't progressing beyond those initial improvements.

Well, fast forward to yesterday's OT visit. The first thing Jack's therapist said is that she noticed an overall improvement in how relaxed Jack's hand was. He was reaching forward in a more "proper" motion (instead of hyper extending his arm). He didn't need many prompts to use his left hand to push buttons and he was putting weight through his left side much more often when pushing himself up. He even tried to pick his nose with his left hand. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Keep it up, Jackpants!
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