Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Finally Here!

Spring, that is. Now, just to clarify, Montana is known to have freak snowstorms all the way into July (yeah, you heard me), but we've had such an unseasonably warm winter and spring. "Warm" for us may mean a totally different thing for the rest of you... but there is something about getting into the 50's and 60's that spells getting outside. And in your flip flops. Some go as far as flip flops and shorts. I'm not that crazy, but I'm in the flip flop camp just as soon as 55 degrees comes around.

Monday was was of those days. So beautiful. As soon as daddy got home, we decided to go for a walk.

Grams was also here!

Jack was in heaven.

Go fast, daddy!

Now that it's warming up, we will be spending quite a bit of time in our backyard and around our wooded neighborhood. There's nothing like the smell of pine trees and freshly cut grass. LOVE!

It's still pretty brown though.

But I see some color springing up!

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Lori Hamm said...

Spring in Montana is not a season - it's a series of unrelated events that occurs randomly throughout the year. Enjoy every single spring day that we get!

Marcie said...

Beautiful photos! I think I have missed a few of your last posts - because Jack seems older in these photos. He is getting so big. If I ever make it to Montana one day, I would love to meet that boy! He just always seems to love life.

kasey mathews said...

Jack looks so grown up!!

Angie said...

Love the action pic of daddy pushing Jack! And your neighborhood in the woods looks very peaceful, enjoy!