Monday, March 19, 2012

Deep Thoughts... and Jack on the jimmy-rigged swing.

I have some future blog posts floating around in my head. Blog posts about prematurity. Posts about therapy. Posts about being a mom to a special needs kid.You will soon see them on here, but I need some time to let the thoughts settle a bit. I've been tempted to blog about certain topics before, but deemed them a bit too risky (like that one about jealously among micropreemie moms... um yeah... still don't think I'll ever touch that one!). Let's just say I need to weed out the gems from everything else... then write.

It's funny how mood translates into blogging. I can certainly see my mood come through in a lot of what I write about. But this is no longer my personal journal. It's much more than that. As Life with Jack continues to grow, I want to be very purposeful in what I put out there. I know a lot of you are just starting your journey into Preemieland and it's super scary. Don't I know it! I want to be an encouragement to you.  And for those in the NICU, I want to be able to offer some hope that there is life outside of those hospital walls. Really, there is! Those posts will be coming soon. But for now, for today, I'll just stick to this:

Jack in heaven, on the jimmy-rigged swing.

Yes, inside Grams and Cheeks house. Seems Jack had a slight tantrum over the fact that it was very snowy outside and he couldn't use his beloved swing, which normally resides on the back patio. One look at those big tears and Cheeks took pity on him.

I'm sorry, but this just cracks me up. I don't know how much more redneck you can get. We do live in Montana, so it kind of comes with the territory.

Before I leave you hanging, yes, Jack got his cast off last night. I will give a full update tomorrow, plus pictures. Our boy is seriously loving life right now.
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Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

I love this! Jealousy among micro moms... would LOVE to read that one :) Haha. Love Jack's swing... this is a great idea! (And no, not redneck at all... quite clever!) Can't wait to hear about the casting details.

Julie said...

I agree - not redneck, simply ingenious. Love seeing a happy Jack!

Julia said...

Hmmm.. I would def read the jealousy blog! Has to be very delicately written.. Lol.. Love the indoor swing!! If you can't bring him to the swing, bring swing to him!!! Glad to know the cast is off!!!

Amy Sullivan said...

I really like what you said about being purposeful in your blogging.

With your story, your heart, and your boy, you can (and already are!) a huge encouragement to many who don't even know you.

Oh, and a big ps: I happen to love the swing. Can't wait to peek at some of the posts that have been floating in your head.

Becky said...

Thank you for encouraging words on your blog. We start day 100 of our NICU journey tomorrow and sometimes reading about Jack and Pierce are the only things that keep me going. Jealousy blog....could be interesting.... :)

Ashley said...

I would definitely read the jealousy blog...them again i'm kind of obsessed with your blog at the moment and will read whatever you write!