Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 of Constraint Induced Therapy:

We have a quick little break here before I have to take Jack into his occupational therapy appointment. I am so excited to see what he does during the session. It's always good to watch exactly what the therapist has him work on... and then try to replicate it at home. I am curious to see how she encourages Jack to use his left hand and to see how frustrated he gets with someone besides mommy or daddy pushing him.

Jack has been looking over at his casted hand quite a bit and letting out little sighs and cries of frustration... like "this thing is still here?!" Every time he wakes up in the morning or from a nap, he takes a quick peek... yep, still there. I think he's realizing that it's not going away.

We are trying to give him a lot of sensory input into his left hand. We take all different sorts of textures and things that make noises and rub his hand and fingers against it. We are trying to make him aware of his left hand as much as possible, that it can feel things, and then hopefully, he'll realize that it can DO things.

And now, totally switching gears.

A new photo challenge! For the next 30 days, I will be taking part in this fun little daily challenge. And here's the kicker - I will follow the prompts, but I'm going to try and tie them into all things Jack. This is Jack's blog after all!

1) Something that makes you smile

When Jack is really into something on the TV, he gets right up next to the TV stand, screen inches away from his nose. Today, he was really into Paula Abdul.
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Rebekah said...

Wow..Paula Abdul...I do not even know what to say about that... :)

Julie said...

Who doesn't love Paula? :) Excited to see how this challenge plays out...looks like fun!

Angie said...

What a fun challenge! And very happy to hear about Jack's progress, been reading just havent had much time to comment. Go Jack!!!