Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Tidbits... Life with Jack style

A friend of mine frequently blogs about random tidbits (otherwise known as "all the little things/what's been going on around here/stuff that shouldn't take up a whole blog post by itself" type of post) ...and I've always loved it!

Here's some random tidbits... Life with Jack style.

1) Gross motor skills explosion! What we've noticed - much more walking in general (sometimes almost running!), more fluid movement when walking, finally standing, and better balance and coordination, especially around corners and turning. It's been so fun to watch him explore and move, move, move!

2) Jack is freaked out by our basement family room area, which is right by the laundry room. He hates being down there, especially with the washer or dryer running. I think it's a combination of the noise and... who knows? It's so odd because he hasn't always been afraid to be down there.

3) A friend and I are currently working on getting all of our most popular Life with Jack posts up on Pinterest. It has been crazy to see the number of people coming to the blog from there (thanks to all those who have pinned!) and I only want to grow that awareness for preemie issues. I even have an All Things Preemie board that you should follow. If you haven't been on Pinterest, get on it! It's wonderful. Hands down, my favorite website.

4) Jack actually chewed and swallowed a piece of Cheeto the other day. That's huge, people.

5) Because of Jack's casted hand, we are watching a whole lot of extra Elmo, Baby Einstein, etc. My brain just may explode sometime during the next 3 weeks.

6) It's really hard to get clothes to fit over Jack's cast and almost impossible to put them on (did I mention the cast is huge?). Subsequently, Jack has been in the same outfit for 3 days and nights. It looks pretty clean, so I'm hoping it lasts another few days.

7) New words added or returning to the vocabulary - "pee" and "kiss".

8) I think we need to start potty training. At the rate it takes Jack to get used to something new, I'm thinking he should be potty trained by Spring of 2015.

9) Grams and Cheeks are coming to the rescue this weekend!

10) Jack has continued his string of going to bed very late, waking up at the "Jack of Dawn" (aka 5:30-6ish), and napping for 30 minutes. Mommy and Daddy are tired. Jack seems to be ready to run a marathon.

11) Jon snapped a picture that is now my most favorite of all time.

Bye now!
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Julie said...

YAY! Random Tidbits, Jack style. It's perfect.

amy said...

GREAT picture!

Ashley said...

You know me! I love Random Tidbits! Glad to hear Jack is doing so well. Maybe you guys should invest in a few "muscle-man" tank tops to slip over that cast?!? Then, move to NC where the weather will allow such nonsense! So happy for you guys.

Amy Sullivan said...

It's easy to see why this picture is one of your favorites of all time. Don't let it sit on the computer (that's what I'm guilty of!). Print it, frame it, show it off.

I wrote a post not long ago entitled "This and That" very similar to this. It was super fun. I love letting out all the random things that don't make their way into my posts. Like the fact that sometimes I like to lock my husband out of the house, and I refuse to let him back in until he dances. It's a totally fun game (for me). Hee, hee.

Tiffany said...

Such great random tidbits! Love hearing all of the exciting things he is accomplishing and refreshes the understanding that there is still so much more to come. Beautiful picture! Keep that moment in your mind at the "Jack of dawn"! :)