Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Little Jumpin' Jack

Jack has always, and I mean always, liked to jump. 

He used this jumper until we had to throw it away back around October. He wore that thing down like nobody's business. It was such a good way to get rid of all that excess energy that Jack had because he wasn't walking. Some call it vestibular input. Jack would have sat in that jumper for hours if we'd let him. He got so much joy out of being able to move in it!

Then Jack discovered he didn't need a toy in order to be able to jump. He discovered jumping on mommy and daddy's bed. This was OK for awhile, but then he started doing somersaults. Too much of a falling hazard.

Finally, we found our solution. Enter in the Rody.

It was given to us by a very nice lady that Grams works with. Little does she now how much we needed something for Jack to jump on that was safe! Since Jack doesn't use his left hand and barely uses his right to hold onto any object, it's also been good practice for him.

Go, Jack, go!

All we have to do is ask Jack if he wants to "go jump jump" and he scrambles as fast as he can from whatever he is doing. Like they say, it's pretty much his most favorite thing ever.
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Angie said...

So cute! How old is Jack in the first pic? I have been wondering about a jumparoo, I think I have been told not to use one for our 25 weekers but maybe it was the door one, not sure. I remember my full term baby took forever to actually jump!

Jessi said...

I think he is around 10/6 months in that picture. He was too small for it, so we always had a blanket around him to add some bulk :)